Looking for a Great Builderin Essex?

Since beginning as an independent contractor Hot Trowels have carved out a reputation as the one of foremost brickwork and building specialists in Essex. We offer a full range of domestic and commercial services that can transform your ideas into stunning fruition. Offering core building and construction services, not only can we add value to your property but also ensure your project is brought in on time and budget. From small to the largest projects, we undertake all work to the same uncompromising standards and have the skill and experience to ensure that we always exceed expectations.

We can personally undertake all area of building in Essex, including groundwork, house extensions, new home builds, restorations and all types of brickwork structures including walls and garages. We also have a full paving and landscaping team, meaning that we can often offer a complete range of services to fulfil your needs. All work undertaken is focused towards in maximising return on your investment, while offering stunning visual and functional improvements to your property.

The Essex Bricklayers

Our team contains several master bricklayers that can offer stunning brickwork solutions for your Essex home. We call ourselves the brickwork specialists because from footings to finish Hot Trowels can design, plan and execute any project. We offer a full design service and can create unique features like ornate brickwork, which will add a whole new dimension to your work.

Walls (garden/boundaries): We can create anything you need ranging from standard garden and driveway walls to detailed specialised masonry and brickwork.

Flowerbeds/planters: We can design brickwork planters and flower beds to any size and shape that will compliment any landscaped area. We can also provide a stunning rendering effect if you choose to go with a block work planter rather than a traditional exposed brick effect.

As brickwork subcontractors to commercial clients in Essex and London, we can offer full brickwork and blockwork packages, labour, mortar and materials. We can also provide short or long term labour to help boost manpower on larger projects.

Brickwork Repair

Maintaining the outside brickwork of your property is absolutely vital to ensure that small niggles do not turn into major structural issues. Although brickwork is harden and built to last, it is continually exposed to the elements over the years. Rain water does get into the mortar and as the seasons change it causes it to expand and contract. Over a number of years this can cause the mortar to crack out, meaning the bricks themselves are more exposed to weathering and damage.

That is why we offer a full repointing service in Essex to replace the damaged mortar on your property. Once replaced this makes your brickwork strong again and ready to last for many more years to come. We can even colour match and replace bricks in situation where the brickwork itself has become damaged for whatever reason. An alternative we offer rather than full brick replacement is to reface existing brickwork with coloured mortar. This can often be much more cost effective on a project that only requires a small about maintenance work.

Need a house extension?

Home Extensions & Outbuildings: We have undertaken a number of single and double storey extensions in the past to all different types of properties. We can construct garage building or undertake conversions. We also build conservatories and porches, and permanent outbuildings including games rooms, summerhouses and gyms. Why move when you can extend your current property and increase its value for often a smaller investment?

New Builds: We can handle construction of new build properties from conception to competition, which allows you sit back and be rest assured your work is in good hands.

We can project manage every stage of your building or brickwork project from design, planning, construction to the final touches required for a high end finish. We are experienced in hiring and working alongside some of the most talented architects and specialist builders in Essex, who can help visualise your dream and provide you with the perfect designs for your project. We also help you liaise with local planning officers to gain advice and guidance before submitting formal plans for planning permission. A few extra weeks work ensuring that your initial plans are as detailed and thorough as possible can save you months, even years, of hold ups in the planning stage. We can help sell your vision to your local planning officers.

We are able to personally handle groundwork, footings, foundations, brickwork construction, paving and landscaping. Not only that but we developed a network of experienced specialist trade people in Essex. These craftspeople can provide the finer detail required to complete your work to a high standard and have the same uncompromising standard of service as us. These relationships will also be under our management, meaning that we take complete accountability for all workmanship completed on your project. All of our sub-contractors are experienced and qualified in their respective field. We have established excellent partnerships with local Carpenters, Roofers, Electricians, Plumbers and Heating Engineers. For the final finish we can organise kitchen and bathroom fitters, as well as affordable but talented interior designers who can turn a shell into a rewarding home environment.

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