Need Some Great Turf Laid in Essex?

Here at Hot Trowels as an extension to landscaping expertise we are proud to offer our clients fantastic professional lawn and turfing services in Essex. Having new luscious turf laid professionally can be an amazing short cut that can transform the outside of your property. We can help recommend the best turf to suit the purpose of your new lawn, also taking into account the amount of care and maintenance you are able to provide it. Some of our clients have pets and children, so require something durable, low maintenance and hard wearing. Others use lawn to compliment an existing landscaping project, so chose a soft and delicate turfing, which can require extra attention in the way of managed watering and feeding. We can also give you advice on the best grass types that will suit the drainage and soil types associated with your Essex property.Knowledge of our craft and dedication to service ensures that all preparation of the soil of your new lawn area is completed to an extremely high standard. This will give your new lawn the best chance of establishing and flourishing for years to come. As outlined below we have our own mini diggers, so we are able to quickly prepare more difficult environments. Years of experience has taught us only work with trusted Essex suppliers as local to your property as possible. This will ensure that the turf is as fresh as possible when delivered. We will never order your turf until we are completely satisfied that the preparations of your job are completely ready; ensuring that no time is wasted between your lawn is delivery and being laid.

After work is complete we give you all the tips and advice you need for after-care of your new lawn. This will require daily care from you during its establishment period, an important time frame of intensive care for your new turf, and can take up to two weeks. This does however vary by the weather conditions and the temperatures your new lawn will experience at different times of the year. Not only is it vital that the whole lawn is kept moist during this time, but we can also help you identify the warning signs of under and over watering to ensure that you know when to take action. Too many of our Essex competitors will tell you to run a hose over it daily. Unfortunately such simple advice increases the risk of damage and ultimately reseeding, which defeats the object of having turf laid.

Groundwork Services for your Project

As a supplementary service to all areas of our work, we are able to offer professional groundwork services all over Essex. From building preparation and site excavations, to rescaping the area around your property, we have the equipment, drivers and expertise to tackle even the most complex groundwork. We have a range of company diggers that can handle any area big or small.We can undertake groundwork for building preparation like footings and foundations for extensions and garages. Our easily transported mini diggers can dig to depth of 1.8 metres, which is usually adequate for most domestic work. Anything beyond that depth will require a larger machine. Other groundwork tasks like drainage can be a factor many contractors look over when planning your hard landscaping solutions like a paving area or a driveway. Correct drainage is often a must to ensure that your project does not damage your property and that your surrounding garden stays healthy. We can also handle site and garden clearance in Essex at any stage of a project.

Essex finest Mini Digger & Driver Hire Service

As well as handling and project managing, we are also able to offer mini digger and driver hire for any purpose in Essex. Hiring a mini digger is not only enormously versatile in the work it can help with, but it can often save days of hard labour and be extremely cost effective. Our diggers range from 1.5 ton up to our largest 5 ton. We also have dumpers from 1 ton to 3.5 ton, for moving larger amounts of dirt and rubble. All equipment is clean, modern and well maintained. All our drivers are fully qualified, professional, friendly and most importantly experienced in a range of work.

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