Need a talented Essex Landscaper Team?

At Hot Trowels we call ourselves the landscaping specialists because we have a reputation of providing the best soft and hard landscaping solutions available in Essex. We offer a complete re-landscaping solution and cover a variety of services including garden design, driveways, paving and walkways installs. We also undertake building work including brickwork walls and garden steps and offer additions like fencing, decking and timber-work.

Whatever your wish list or budget Hot Trowels can help you design and create a landscape that will not only maximise the outside of your property, but also increase its value. We understand that every landscaping project we undertake is unique. Some people just need functional, attractive, cost effective additions to the outside of their property. Other may choose to invest more into a feature rich, aesthetically focused complete landscaping option. Whatever your needs we have the skills and experience to transform the outside of your property

We offer a full block paving, driveway and patio solution to compliment any Essex property or landscaping project. For a full overview of the paving solutions we can provide, please view our dedicated page where you can also view some of our previous work. In addition we can also offer a full turfing, planting and fencing service. Being a timber and decking specialist too, we believe that we offer some of the most stunning options available by any landscaping provider in the Essex area. Other timber options we can install include pergolas, sheds and summerhouses. We have fully qualified electricians who can add security and feature lighting to your garden and outside of your property. We also have experience in adding intricate water features. Adding either of these extra touches can create jaw dropping results in even the most modest of projects.

We offer a full free no obligations consultation and quote. When we first meet we will discuss your ideas and run you through the various options we can offer to achieve these. We also undertake a full survey of the areas you wish to be worked on, taking notes of soil types, where the area lays in relation to shading and its surrounding area. If the project warrants it, we will then undertake a full design service for you. We can offer modern and contemporary ideas or more traditional and classic styles. This ensures that any work sits well with existing established gardens and we are always careful to ensure all work compliments your property. After all work is completed we also provide you with all the knowledge you need to make sure that all work settles correctly and offer tips to that will help your work last for years to come

Essex finest Fencing Contractors

We offer a full supply and install fencing service to compliment any landscaping project or property. Most people only see a fences function as establishing a properties boundary, providing security and privacy. However, when tackled by a modern fencing professional like Hot Trowels, it can not only provide these functions but also compliment and often increase the attractiveness of the outside of your property. Our family name has been highly regarded in the fencing business in Essex for over 30 years. Skill, craftsmanship and, most of all, experience has been passed down from generation to generation.

We can install all types of wood and concrete fence posts and gravel boards. We have panel solutions including close-board, larch-lap and all types of trellis panel. We can also provide gates, picket fencing, post and rail fencing where appropriate. All our installers are fully qualified and trained to our high standards, which will always be supervised and inspected by a senior member of our team during and after completion.

We always ensure that all fence timber is sourced from the best local Essex suppliers and is pre inspected for quality and build before installation. We believe in sustainable forestry, so we ensure that are all timber materials source is documented and is from ethical and substantial logging operations. We can help check over your properties deeds to ensure that we only fence within your properties boundaries. If you did not personally install the fence being replaced, even if it is on the your boundary, it is always best to establish you are the legal owner and seek permission if necessary before undertaking any work. This ensures you do not upset your neighbours, which can result in costly re-installation or removal to appease complaints to your local council.

Get Decked out with our Decking Service

We are able to provide high quality decking ideas and solutions that can either extend the outside of your property or as a complimentary area to a full landscaping project. At any size decking can offer a cost effective way to extending a solid functional surface to the outside of your property. Decks are extremely versatile, and can be used for eating and relaxing on during the summer or a safe and clean environment for your children to play in all year round.

From years of experience we are able to create any size and shape of decking, from basic rectangles to stunning bespoken tiered and staircase solutions. With any timber work the quality of the materials and installation is vital. Although timber is very durable, poor quality material and cutting corners in its construction can really affect your decking’s life expectancy. At Hot Trowels we undertake the best industry standards and practices to ensure that your decking area given the best chance to last a generation.

All timber we use has been pre-treated to protect against wood rot and pests like insects. After we have installed your deck we use a high quality wood stain to provide an extra layer of protection, as well as helping the area to compliment your property and its surrounding area and. We also add finishing touches like surround timber panels, railings and planters. Again it is often the final touches that we can add for you that will really set our decking apart from our competitors. We can help you create a unique, attractive and functional area that is customised and tailored to your needs.

If space isn’t an issue, we help you evaluate the best position for your decking. We can take things into account including how you plan to use your area, and at what times of day, to ensure you get the most out of the sun and ultimately your new decking.

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